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For over 12 years, the award-winning Haunted Magazine has been the leading paranormal magazine of its generation. Quality features backed up with quality design go hand in hand as it takes a unique and somewhat different take on the paranormal where other magazines have dared not to. Having been a digital magazine from 2012 till 2016, we took a leap of faith back into the print word and are now publishing Haunted Magazine in glorious Print once more. In time, we hope to have EVERY issue we have done available in print but for now we have these little bad boys and girls for sale. There are limited back editions and once they’ve gone, they will be gone, you never know they might even be worth something in years to come. More importantly we’d love to take you on a journey through the paranormal, the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, the scary and the spooky. Any problems please email printing@hauntedmagazine.co.uk #dontbenormal

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Haunted Magazine Issue 29 The Battersea Poltergeist

You wait all of 2020 for a Poltergeist case to get your teeth into and NOTHING!! And then - wham, bam - The Battersea Poltergeist Case storms into 2021 bringing a long lost case into a modern paranormal world. We have an Exclusive Battersea Case feature in issue 29 of Haunted Magazine. That is the beauty of the paranormal, there's no age limit to a story, they can be new, they can be 60 years old, they can go way further back than that and it is that age old timeline that gives us the chance to delve into a feast of features from so many generations of the paranormal. All designed to the highest spooky standards that we set ourselves on. #Dontbenormal - be PARANORMAL!

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Haunted Subscriptions

In 2021, our twelfth year, Haunted Magazine ups its paranormal game and whilst continuing to bring the best spooky features out there and bring you the award winning magazine in shiny, glossy print we are also offering a money saving 4 issue subscription package like no other. Subscribe for a year and save over 25% and as usual we will ship to anywhere and everywhere, all over the world. #DontBeNormal - BE PARANORMAL!!

Your subscription will commence with Issue 30 for 4 issues.
IMPORTANT Please ensure your address details are up to date in PayPal to avoid any extra postage fees. Haunted Magazine does not employ remote viewing, psychic methods, elves or faeries to locate new customer addresses.

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Haunted Magazine Issue 28 - Truth Seekers - OUT NOW!


As we slowly try to embrace the new normal, Haunted Magazine is back, in time for Halloween, to take on board the “new” paranormal, the rule of 666, no hugging, no high-fiving, no sharing biscuits and ghost hunting whilst looking like a strange concoction of a midnight cowboy, a scary orthodontist and Dick Turpin. We are back to hijack some of your paranormal time and take you on a journey from the comfort of your home, a paranormal journey, none the less.

We’ve joined forces with the great people behind the new Amazon Prime Video show Truth Seekers to bring you something pretty special along with all the usual awesome paranormal features that our writers have come up with, including a lost issue of The White Sheet, (all will be revealed soon). You will find out more as the days of October tick by. The truth will be revealed. After all, we are all seekers of the truth, are we not?

Haunted Magazine 28 UK - £7.99 inc P&P

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Haunted Issue 28 EU - €12.99 inc P&P

Haunted 28 *AUSTRALIA* $18.99 inc P&P

Haunted Issue 28 ROW - £13.99 including P&P inc P&P
Truth Seekers coming soon to Amazon Prime Video. Enjoy the trailer here:

All magazine are despatched with proof of postage once released. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

World of the Unknown All About UFOs - OUT NOW!

We all know what ET is short for* AND we all know what a UFO is. In the late 1970s Usborne were publishers of some great books for kids, even better that they were accessible via their school libraries. Last year they brought back GHOSTS for us all, now they’ve done the same with UFOs (with or without the apostrophe, who cares, apart from the Grammar Police). There’s not many books on subjects like aliens, flying saucers & space that kids can resonate with BUT this classic, found in Usborne’s very own Area 51, reprinted & republished in its original format, including a foreword by the legendary impressionist Jon Culshaw (we hope he read it out loud whilst doing his Tom Baker impression (or even his Richard Madeley)). We have limited copies for you to purchase, to pre-order (it beams back down to Earth on October the 1st), and even better at just £6.49, free postage, we are cheaper than those that shall remain anonymous, (whispers Amazon).

THIS OFFER IS FOR UK ONLY. For overseas enquiries, get in touch, we might be able to sort something out. Email paul@hauntedmagazine.co.uk for more information.

*ET is short because he has little legs, we’re joking, it stands for Extra Terrestrial, although technically he does have little legs.